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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you should really do some butt exercises...

Hello my beautiful bloggers!

ERM... so I know I said I would post the night of the other post.. but I fell asleep.. and since then have been really busy! :) haha, I'm actually still really busy and only have time for a quick post, but.. my NEXT post will be long and adorable, as always :) :P

First thing, I wana ask a question. A SERIOUS QUESTION MIND YOU!!... ok.. so, fellow bloggers... do any of you find yourselves THINKING to yourself as if you are writing a blog post...???? lol. Because that happened to me all day. Maybe because I felt guilty for not posting yesterday when I had so many things I wanted to talk about, or maybe i'm just getting use to narrating my life?.. idk, but I find myself going about my day.. and thinking in a way that is like a blog post. I hope that made sense and I dont sound crazy.. haha.

Second thing.. Cacao Power ( sweet raw chocolate nibs)= FREAKIN AWSOME.. just saying.. i've had them with my breakfast every morning since.. two days ago.. haha

Third thing, I CAN CHEW AGAIN!!! WOOOO!!! I got my stitches out from my wisdom teeth, so no more torture of not being able to eat an apple or a salad ever again!! :D... This also means that I am back on track with meeting my cals and everything, which I am super excited about.. because I hate getting off track!

This forth and last thing has been on my mind for a while... I was working out at the gym, and one of the personal trainers said to me " do you know how to do butt exercises? did I show you how to do them?" and I was like... uh.. idk? and she was like " you should really do them to get your butt in shape."..... now.. this could just be me and my distorted eating disorder self.. but.. did she just call me fat?? say I have a bit butt? need to work out more?? chances are she said that because I don't really have a butt and she thought I might want to actually try to achieve one... EVEN STILL.. DON'T COMMENT ON MY BUTT, LADY!!! >.< now i'm all butt conscious.. -_- rawr

Alright.. 4 things.. thats all i'll leave you with for now.. I would say that i'll write a big post tonight.. but I have to babysit again and idk that i'll be able to.. but if not, possibly tomorrow!

Have a great safe, healthy, and happy day everyone!!!
-A <3


  1. hey lovie, and haha about the butt exersces, umm, i doubt you have an existing butt ;P the lady probs thought you wanted one like the majority of girls who dont have an ED ;] so no worries cutie!
    and raw cocoa nibs are so good i agree! :]
    and i feel teh same way i hate feeling and being off track, it makes me so confused and just like i am balancing something u know? so i am going to add back the calories that i took away and then i will feel back on track and hopefully happier and excited about life. and also i think A LOT when i write my posts, like i am journaling yet it is better becasue i know people are reading it, so i think and really over analyze a lot of my life, which is good, i think...and helps me put my recovery and life and ED in perspective.
    you are amazing lovie, and that pic of you is wayy too cute for words!

    love you and have a great Saturday

  2. you have a splendid butt baby <3 i think the lady at the gym just assumes that you want to work out every three seconds so anythign she could find to talk to you about, she did. if that makes any sense...
    love you! don't listen to others comments. i'm sure you've lost in the past few weeks what with your wisdom teeth being taken out and in order to stay healthy and on the right track, you need to gain it back. love you baby <3 stay strong! you are beautiful <3

  3. haha she probably thought you wanted to get more booty. Ed has a way of twisting those comments... she didnt think you were fat promise! (probably thought you were trying to bulk up) Keep on that food plan girl. you rock

  4. my butt is what started my whole ED ha! i have a nice butt yet i thought it was HUGE Ha girlfriend youre tiny as anything! no need to worry about that lady! hahah she definitely didnt mean it in a fat way! love you