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Monday, February 15, 2010

Short. Sweet. and toooooo the Point

Hey all! Late night post.. since I have nothing else to do right now! :P

WISDOM TEETH UPDATE!--> I'm doing really well now actually :) Not so much with my chubby chipmunk cheeks, but i've started making a bunch of soft foods, and am back on track with my meal plan. waahooo! haha. I was feeling really guilty for getting soo off track the past couple days.. and I could feel myself started to get sucked in.. so I needed to throw ED a curve/fast ball and get back on track.
My day has been sooooooooooooo boring. I feel so lazy :( I usually never spend a day sitting home doing nothing but eating, sleeping, watching TV, and being on the computer.. and i've spent the last few DAYS doing that. Its making me feel more guilty for eating because I feel like if i'm not even really active, why do I need so much food? Idk, i'm not going to act on these thoughts.. just acknowledge them and know that they SUCK. Hopefully I will look more human soon, and will be able to go back to school, and the gym... and just be active again!
Recently (yesterday) I started a formspring... and I'm actually surprised on how open i've been with answering questions. I think journaling gave me the courage to blog.. and blogging gave me the courage to answer questions on formspring.. and eventually, i'm hoping ill have the courage to go public with my ED struggles so I can help raise awareness. I've actually found it to be really helpful answering these questions thus far because they make me think and reflect back on myself.. its been really interesting. So yeah, feel free to ask me questions bloggers! if you feel so inclined to do so :) but i'm not all that interesting so I hope I don't disappoint!

Ok, so.. I need some feedback on this.. I'm thinking of posting my last letter I wrote to Ed a couple months back. What do you girlies think? Do you think the two I posted was enough?? I don't want to life, shove these letters down all of your necks.. and they are hard for me to post anyway.. i'm just wondering if they are at all helpful to read? Let me know if anyone thinks I should post it or not.. I NEED FEEDBACK! THANKS! :D

I guess thats all for now! Its snowing again.. possible late opening tomorrow?? well its not like i'm going anyway.. no way in hell i'm going looking like this.. I have enough self esteem issues, don't need to add my monster sized face!!!! ^-^

I'll leave you with a pic of me and my puppy who has been keeping me company these past few days :D

CHALLENGE TO EVERYONE--> do something adventurous tomorrow! Try something new.. be it a food, or a new rout to work.. add some spontaneity to your life! Have a great day :)
-A <3


  1. Awww, your puppy is adorable!! What kind of dog is she (or he)? I have a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix. She is the cutest thing!

    Glad to hear you're doing better w/ the wisdom teeth.

    Personally, I liked reading the ED letters because I found them interesting and they reminded me why I continue recovering; I don't want to go back there.

    Keep strong, hun!

    ~ Catherine

  2. I loved the letters! They were really eye opening and relate-able. Anyways your puppy is too cute!

  3. hey cutie! i love your blog :)
    eeruughh i got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago & it was hell. i know exactly how you feel. this too shall pass <3