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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I changed my mind.. PLEASE PUT MY WISDOM TEETH BACK!!! :(


Holy cow!! My mouth feels like I got punched in the face 50 times.. and had teeth ripped out!! which I guess I did so that part makes sense.. haha. OUCHHHHHHHHH :( Don't even get me started on my face.. wowza. hello ginormous cheeks!! its actually kinda funny.. I would show you but my self esteem is not high enough for that kind of embarrassment.. lol. :P I know I was really concerned about restricting.. but there isn't really much I can do. I mean I can't chew or anything, I can't even open my mouth wide enough to fit a spoon in! So while according to my meal plan, i'm restricting, according to my FACE i am not. lol I do miss food though :( I was trying so many new things.. experiencing the FLAVORS OF LIFE if you will haha, so I can't wait to get back to where I was in recovery.. I just hope ED doesn't throw a monkey wrench in my plan and want to continue "restricting" once I can eat again... :/

anywhoo... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ALL!!!!! <3 <3 <3 XOXOXO!!!!! WOOOOOOOO haha. I'm not actually the biggest fan of this holiday... just because I don't really think its a real holiday and was made up by the greeting card companies.. but still.. its still fun to have a day devoted to love :) This time last year I spent Valentines day in Renfrew.. and I made over 50 heart cards to give to all the girls..that was soo fun :)

I actually think I enjoy holidays in Renfrew better because there are so many people there to spend it with.. i'm pretty much alone at home. I mean my sister is usually out, my mom is all over the place, and my dad doesn't live with us.. but he comes over often to spend time with my mom. yeah.. weird scenario. I wish I could actually go out and do something for V-day! But i'm stuck in the house with my monster face... doomed to eating yogurt and smoothies all day and watching TV or sleeping.. FUN STUFF RIGHT THERE YA'LL!!! haha i'm so weird :P Not to much to report on today since i've pretty much spent the last few days sleeping.. maybe I should clean my room?? we'll see.. OH, question, does anyone know how long it will take for the swelling to go down??? lol, I know thats an odd question, but I want to know when I can go out in public again!! SHOPPING WITHDRAWAL!! :P haha Oh and speaking of questions, I made a formspring thingy.. idk why.. peer pressure maybe?? EVERYONES DOING IT!! haha yeah, so ask me questions!

http://www.formspring.me/amb10116 <-------- THAAAAAAAAAATSSSS MEEEE! I also put the link at the top of my page on the right.. you can't click it because I SUCK at adding links.. so you have to copy and paste it to get to the site.

Be my Valentine???? haha This is my little Valentines day teddy, he says HELLO BLOGGERS!! :P

Have a LOVELY day!! <3


  1. awww. I'm soory about the wisdom teeth! I got mine out this summer and it hurts like crazy! But trust me... you can get some calories in- milk shakes eaten with a baby spoon work well, as does yogurt and apple sauce. (no straws though) I drank some protein shakes too. Good luck girly!

  2. Yeah thanks for the ideas.. I forgot about some of those things.. I'll def. make them :)
    Thanks again! Hope you have a great day (tomorrow I guess.. haha)