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Monday, December 13, 2010

Rising up from the dead? No, but that would be a good excuse for my lack of posting, ay? :P

Hey Everyone!!!!
Long time no speak, I know.. my sincere apologies!!!!

:D :) :D :) :D :) :D <---- I'll make up for it with a bunch of happy smile faces!!!!

All better??? I think so.. smiles fix everything.. :P

I'll start out with some "looks"... sound good??
(From head to toe).. Yellow slouchy hat ( almost like a beret ... but not quite) with a low side poneytail, Dangle-y pink crystal earring from Paris, Army green military style jacket (not pictured in two of the pics), Blue and white stripped tunic from Urban, Gold bangle and gold bracelet, black leggings, black boots.

This is actually going to be a bit of a short post because I have to get ready for work.. but I really wanted to make a post to tell you that I AM still interested in blogging, I just haven't had time in the past couple months!!! I really appreciate all of my followers sticking by even with my lack of posting.. and i'd like to give a big WELCOME to all my new followers!!!!! Thanks everyone for reading my blog, and I promise you will have more interesting posts coming up this month!!! <3

Another set of "looks" pics... i've got lots from the months that I haven't been blogging!! haha These next set of pics are going to be done in a diff way. I took one look and have two sets of pics showing how you can pair it with ONE different thing, but totally change the feel of the look.

First look, Style 1: Brown headband w/ small bow on the side, side messy braid, small gold hoop earrings, crystal and gold necklace that I never take off, Army colored military style jacket (shown in look above as well), floral dress from Urban, black sports bra, gold bracelets, black leggings, black clogs.

Second look, Style 2: Brown headband w/ small bow on the side, side messy braid, small gold hoop earrings, crystal and gold necklace that I never take off, Slate colored cardi from J crew, floral dress from Urban, black sports bra, gold bracelets, black leggings, black clogs.

Pairing the look w/ a light colored cardi gives it a more "feminine soft feel", as appose to the military style jacket, which was a more "edgy look.".... Little style tip for you all!! haha

Alright, I've got picture overload going on, so i'll save some other pics for the next post.... except.. look at my cat in this pic!!

... she shows up in SO MANY of my pics.. one day i'm going to do a post w/ all the pics shes gotten into.. its so cute!!

Ok i'm done. haha

So, anyway. brief recap on me before I'm totally late to work!!

" Sorry I'm late for work, I was blogging!!"... not the best excuse.. :P

Alright, well, things have been very different in terms of the "ED world" I live in. My last couple posts I was struggling, but starting to get back on track.. and then I GOT on track, WOO!!!! (for the most part) Would you like a list of things that are going better?? OK!!

1. MY exercise is OFFICIALLY under control!!! I work out 1 to 3 times A WEEK!!!! Last week I only worked out one day, and it was a 45 min run.. thats it!! yay me!!! haha

2. Peanut butter has been a fear food for me for YEARS.. but I decided to tackle that fear, and have now been eating DARK CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER (from pb and co) EVERY MORNING for breakfast.. along with OATMEAL, which was a fear food as well!! ( don't ask me why.. haha) I also have been having the cinnamon raisin pb at lunch... and many other fear foods! :)

3. I've been trying to be more social and eat more meals with people!.. I was doing a lot better w/ this a couple weeks ago.. but schedules have been busy, and its been kind of hard to get together with people.. but I'm still trying and working on being social!

4. I've been food shopping ON MY OWN!! For about 2 years, or 1.5, i've been food shopping w/ my N because I couldn't be trusted to get food on my own, and because when I would go w/ my mom it would be a lot of drama.. and well.. long story short, I really needed to go w/ her, and now I can go on my own!! YEEP!

5. I'VE STOPPED CALORIE COUNTING!!!... I use to write in a food journal EVERY DAY.. ie. time I ate, food I ate, amount, calories, exchange, what I drank, if I had appointments that day, when I went to bed, how much I exercised... IT WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!... so I decided to nix ALL of it, and do my best to eat a few healthy meals during the day, keep a mental tally of a round about guess to where my cals were to make sure i'm on track.. but NO WRITING ANYTHING DOWN. Its been great, really freeing :)

I attribute a lot of this to the fact that i've been so busy with working and babysitting... its kept my mind in a healthy place and more present.. so i'm not always stuck in my head and focusing on ED thoughts.

HOWEVER.. while all those things are going well.. I'm still not in the best place health/ weight wise.. and sadly, did fake my weight at my last DR appt last week. Things really have been going well in most aspects of life.. but I think that not calorie counting (while it is a good thing) has also been a negative thing in terms of me getting in enough through out the day. Its such a hard balance!!! I really want to be in a place that I can eat the right amount and not keep track of cals.. I'm just not sure that i'm in that place yet :/ ... but i'm going to keep working on it!!! I feel like i'm in such a better spot then I've been in years.. however the urge to lose weight is still there.. so its something i've been trying to fight off EVERY minute of EVERY day.. but I keep thinking of the life I want.. and having an ED won't get me there, so I can't give in to temptation.. It will be worth the fight in the end!!!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving, I'll post about that in my next post, as well as a HAPPY Hanukkah ( or any other holiday you many celebrate that has already passed).. and its getting ready for a very MERRY Christmas!!!

Be happy, Be healthy, and LIVE in the moment!! Everyone always lives for the future.. whats happening in an hour, whats happening tomorrow, when will it be friday, when will it be monday, whats happening next week, next month, next year... what about whats happening this moment?? Stop thinking about whats going to happen and focus on NOW, because you only have that moment for a SECOND.. and life passes by too fast, you don't want to miss it!!!

Have a great day and happy monday!!!!
-A <3

Monday, October 18, 2010

LONG post.... hope you enjoy!! :)

Hey Kiddos!!!

Happy monday! Break out those reading glasses and close your facebook windows, because its time to devote your full attention to THIS SCREEN. :D

Life has been a bit crazy lately.. I've picked up more shifts at work and have been busy every day, so posting is on the back burner and probably will be for a while... SORRY!!!! :X I will still be posting.. and probably just as often as I have been now... seeing as that hasn't been too often.. hehe :P

Firstly, i'll start out with some looks pics from a while ago... I have a lot of pics from previous weeks.. so they will trickle into each post, along with more recent ones :)

Blue button up shirt, layered over a long floral shirt, and black leggings... my shoes aren't in any of the pics.. but I was probably wearing black boots or black sandals.

Alright, so to recap from last post, this is the list that I wrote out for you all on things that are updates in my life.

1. I got my boot of last wednesday!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! Finally wearing a pair of shoes again!!!.... ohhh, how i've missed that :P

2. I almost told the truth to my Dr. ( i'll explain.. haha)

3. No more ADD meds... :'( wahhh!!!

4. My birthday was on friday (october 1st) and now i'm 19!!!!!!!! AHH!! I'm almost out of my teen years!!

5. I got a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pictures posted underneath, of course)

6. I get my braces off next week!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!! haha, stupid pesky bottom braces that no one actually cares about but me.. soooooo glad to never have to deal with these metal demons anymore!!!! :8 <--- thats me with braces.. haha

7. I get my license next week!!!!... I know, I know, 19, with a car and no license? What can I say, I like to take my time with things :D haha (fingers crossed that I pass the road test!!!!... parallel parking.. you scare me.)

8. I saw Jersey Boys!!!!! SUCHHHH a GREAT musical----->* I recommend*

9. I can work out again!!!!!!!!!! So far so good, no over exercising (technically)... lets keep it that way!!

10. I figured out what I want to do for a career!!!!!.... I think..? I mean can you ever REALLY know?...

... now, to elaborate on each of those things, this is the UPDATED version of this update :)

1. Not only did I get my boot off, I also returned the wheelchair I was given, NO MORE WHEELS!!!!!! HOLLAAAAA!!! :P

2. I had been lying about my weight in my Dr. appointment for weeks because I had to be a certain weight to get my ADD meds. At first, the reason I was doing this was because I figured there was no harm in lying at the first appointment, because I planned to actually get to that weight anyway, so no one would know the difference. Well, what ended up happening was I lost weight.. so tricking my weight was getting very elaborate and very out of hand... and on top of that I felt so devious and evil for lying like that. At my last appointment, I came clean and said I had lied about my weight ( truth) but then said I was XX when I was really X ( lie). Basically, I didn't want to tell her my actual weight because I knew she would freak, but I wanted to tell her I'd been lying.. so I told her the # I was when I first started tricking my weight.. before I had lost more. Confusing, I know, so hopefully you were all able to follow that.. but the point is, I told the truth, but am still stuck in a lie. I've been working with my N, and have gotten my weight up a bit, so my plan is to go into my next appointment totally honest with her.. explaining everything I just told all of you, and telling my Dr. my true weight.

3. Because I didn't meet my weight goal at my last appointment, I got taken off my ADD meds :( ... my goal is to ACTUALLY get to the weight goal she has set this time, and get the pills back. It sucks because I got to experience a clear head and a focused mind for the first time.. and then it got taken away.. so its a HUGE motivator for me to get on track with my weight goals.

4. SO YEAH, it was my birthday... yayyyyy. I didn't really do anything on my actual birthday.. but the next day I picked up my car from the dealer went to my favorite frozen yogurt place, and salad place with my friend.. so it was a good day :).... ( besides the fact that someone hit my car door when I was parallel parked.. >.< grrr)

( I woke up to a teddy bear with flowers and balloons :D... my birthday look was rolled light ripped jeans, gold(ish) tone belt, black shirt, black cardi, and espadrilles.

5. As I mentioned, I GOT A CAR!!!!! (pictures in the last post).... I love it :)

6. Yeah.. I mean not much more I can say about getting my braces off.. other then I'm really happy to be able to feel my bottom teeth, and not metal sticking out and poking my lip!! :D

7. I stated that I was going to be getting my license... well... I got my LICENSE this past thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!! *finally* So now I can enjoy my car alll by myself!!! I'm loving the freedom, sooooooo happy.

8. I saw Jersey Boys the night before my birthday... it was a GREAT musical!!! Here are some pics of me that night, and some pics from the show and the beautiful theatre.

9. I've been doing well with being able to work out again and not taking it to the extreme that I was before. (THANK GOODNESS!!!) I still haven't gone for a run because I'm nervous to re-injure my feet.. but, I've done everything else, and I'm sooo relieved to have this back in my life!!!! Exercise is such a stress relief, and really brings me a lot of happiness.. so, needless to say, I was a bit of a mess not being able to partake in it for months.. YUCK. I think working more has also helped to keep me on track with exercise.. because if I'm working, I can't take that exercise class in the morning, afternoon, and night like I use to.

10. Well, I've figured out ( from working at the day care at my gym) that I REALLY like working with kids, and I think I want to be a school teacher!!! Preferably elementary school, maybe first grade, but.. yeah!! Its weird because I have so many things I want to do with my life.. I want to go into fashion, photography, and now teaching.. we'll just have to see where life takes me, I guess!

Well, I hope that was a long enough post for you all!!!! haha! Lots of pictures... and updates.

I've been struggling off and on since my last post. I'm able to stay on track for 3 or 4 days.. and then my calories start to suck again... :/ .... however, the past 4 days i've been on track, and am working really hard to KEEP it that way this time!!! I don't want to keep doing this back and forth with myself, I need to do well, and try my hardest to stick to it!!!! I'm really struggling with the fact that I have to gain weight.. I'm at the point in my ED that I don't see it at all. I use to know my body so well that I could look in the mirror and I would know my exact weight.. but now.. all I see is someone who is huge :( Its hard to do the right thing knowing I'm going to gain weight, and my body image will just get worse.. but I have to keep telling myself that once I stick with it for a while, my mind will be nourished and adjust to what is TRUE and not what it THINKS is true..... I also have to work on BELIEVING that statement.. but I'm trying!!!

Last of the looks pics for this post.. this is from the day I gave back my wheelchair! haha

Ralph Lauren Red zippy, skinny jeans, short brown cowboy boots, black tank top, navy blue ribbon in my hair.

Heres some quotes and facebook status' i've written and posted recently to keep myself motivated..

‎"Tonight when you lay your head on your pillow,
forget how far you still have to go.
Look instead at how far you've already come."

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

"people should strive to be happy with who they are and not be obsessed with how they look. beauty is nothing."

One of my Facebook status'--> Everyday you have the ability to choose.  You choose whether today will be the same as yesterday, or whether it will be something completely different. You choose. Don't wait for change to happen, make it happen. Choose. ♥

Another one of my Facebook status'--> Mind over matter. Control your thoughts, don't let them control you. ♥

"We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it."

Have a great week everyone!!!!!
-A <3

Monday, October 4, 2010

Little update from my frazzled mind!!! Sorry its taken so long!!

Hey everyone!!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus from blogging.. I just haven't felt like posting in a while... :x SORRY!!!!!! Nothing personal!!!! haha

A lot has actually been going on recently.. as usual, let me break out a list to organize my thoughts.. :D

BUT, before I do that, I'll start out with a few "looks" picks..

Black blazer, black tank top, black pants/ leggings things I got in London, chunky "elephant" necklace


1. I got my boot of last wednesday!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!! Finally wearing a pair of shoes again!!!.... ohhh, how i've missed that :P

2. I almost told the truth to my Dr. ( i'll explain.. haha)

3. No more ADD meds... :'( wahhh!!!

4. My birthday was on friday (october 1st) and now i'm 19!!!!!!!! AHH!! I'm almost out of my teen years!!

5. I got a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pictures posted underneath, of course)

6. I get my braces off next week!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!! haha, stupid pesky bottom braces that no one actually cares about but me.. soooooo glad to never have to deal with these metal demons anymore!!!! :8 <--- thats me with braces.. haha

7. I get my license next week!!!!... I know, I know, 19, with a car and no license? What can I say, I like to take my time with things :D haha (fingers crossed that I pass the road test!!!!... parallel parking.. you scare me.)

8. I saw Jersey Boys!!!!! SUCHHHH a GREAT musical----->* I recommend*

9. I can work out again!!!!!!!!!! So far so good, no over exercising (technically)... lets keep it that way!!

10. I figured out what I want to do for a career!!!!!.... I think..? I mean can you ever REALLY know?...

So, those are my 10 topics to talk about.. BUT, I'm going to have to string you all along and talk about them in my NEXT post because I have to get up early for work tomorrow, and I'm supper tired!!! I didn't want to leave you all with out another update since its been foreverrrrrr, so I thought a little teaser would do the trick until I have more time for a proper post :D hehe

Here are a bunch of "looks" pics from a couple weeks ago... loved this outfit :)

Blue "blouse like" silk shirt with black detail trimming the collar, along with a flower, a black belt with patent leather appearance on the buckle, black skirt Urban Outfitters high wasted skirt, black leggings

I'll end this post off with some quotes that I really like, and find to be pretty inspirational/ motivational...

" Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do." <--
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"If we all did the things we are capable of,
we would astound ourselves.
" <--Thomas Edison

"I am free to choose. Everything I am and everything I become is under my own control." <-- I don't remember the author of this one.. haha whoops :x

Hope everyone has been doing well!!!! Again, sorry for my lack of posting.. part of it has been because I was so busy, and part of it has been.. truthfully, i've been struggling a bit and was having a hard time admitting it.. and a bit ashamed to talk about it because I feel like I should be doing better by now. I thought that maybe if I didn't blog for a while, and waited until I was doing better, I wouldn't even have to mention the fact that i've slipped.. but i've waited weeks and I'm still not in the best place. Regardless, I'm trying to move forward and get back on track... and I HAVE been doing better the past few days!! Just thought i'd let you all know what was going on.. I'll be posting again later this week, or early next week to elaborate on the list that I made :D haha.

Stay strong everyone, and don't give up the fight!!!! Its the one fight I GUARANTEE is truly worth fighting for!!!! After all, its your life... <3

- A <3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering, Motivating, Thanking, and Updating.. four themes for todays post!!

Hello all!!!!!

Today is September 11, 2010... 9 years ago today, a total tragedy shook the world. I feel like I should acknowledge
all the lives that were lost, the troops who are still deployed, and the families waiting for their safe return before I were to begin my post. Please try to spend this day being mindful of what occurred 9 years ago.

Alright, now moving on to my post <3

Before I really get into anything, I wanted to share with you all a question/ statement that was posted on my formspring. This person wrote this in response to an answer I gave to a previous question that was asked. I feel like the response I gave may resinate with some people, and work as a fresh burst of motivation.


"Im equally scared of falling back and moving forward. obviously with the relapse side im afraid of the pain and loneliness... but with moving forward, im afraid ill lose the only thing i can control... that ill lose all control and i won't be able to see myself in truth. *by that i mean the typical self loathing* because i need that to keep me on track, to make sure i never settle for what i am, to always want to be better. im just afraid. it is so much easier to fall back. i don't want to be...
vulnerable. my control is my defense. when everything around me is spinning into chaos, i know i can depend on that. if i let go of that part of me, ... i just don't know. thats why im scared."

My response:
"Everything you said.. every fear and every thought about control, I can totally relate to.. as can many people with an eating disorder. Becoming vulnerable, facing your feelings of worthlessness and self loathing, losing control of your life.. all of those things become temporarily "fixed" by your eating disorder.. making it so much harder to realize you need to let go of your favorite coping skill because its actually killing you. In reality, you may be able to escape those things in your life through your eating disorder, however, having an eating disorder actually thrusts all of those things back upon yourself. While entrenched in an eating disorder, you LOSE CONTROL of your thoughts and life, you have feelings of WORTHLESSNESS and SELF LOATHING that the eating disorder thrusts upon you, your life does in fact turn to CHAOS.. its just now, all in a different way, and is a direct result of your eating disorder.
Eating disorders are a shield from the world and a mask from your feelings.. but how can you grow as a person and experience life when your always hidden behind a shield? How can you be happy and form relationships when your true feelings are always hidden behind a mask? Its true, its much easier to slip back then to push forward.. but if you take the fight out of the equation and just look at life, what do you want more? To experience the world with NOTHING hiding you and holding you back?... or being trapped in a world with chaos permanently ingrained in your head.. berated by voices of worthlessness that can only be masked by life threatening behavior? When you think about it, its worth the fight to recover, rather then the surrender of relapse.

Your ED is a part of your life, yes, but its not who you are, and its not a part of you.. as much as it may feel like its your identity, or all you've know. It may have been always there for you.. but really think about how "there for you" it truly was. Its as supportive as a cheating boyfriend, as hurtful as an abusive parent, and as unhealthy as a drug addiction... you deserve better, everyone does. Don't give up the fight because of the fear that you are losing your most dependable relationship, give up the relationship because the fight is what will bring you all of the support, love, and encouragement you need to live your life."

Since starting my formspring, i've been amazing by how open people have been in sharing their feelings and concerns with me, and it feels so amazing to hear that my responses have been able to help motivate some, and teach others what an Eating disorder really is. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to ask me on my formspring, the link is on the right hand side of my blog.. near the top I believe.

ALRIGHTYY, moving on to the quick thanking portion of this post! :P

I really wanted to thank everyone for the supportive comments and well wishes on my last post!! Every comment you all leave really means a lot to me, and your encouragement really helps motivate me, so THANK YOU ALL MY LOVELY BLOGGERS!!!! I hope you can all take your own advice and encouragement, you deserve it <3

To start my little update, heres some (LOTS) of my "looks" pics from yesterday...

Light shade of army green jacket military inspired jacket, long black tunic with beaded embellishments, layered over a black tank top with white lace trim at the top, and a maroon sports bra, black leggings, black sandal, and my boot :)

I do have other "looks" photos from different days.. but i'll save them for next post.. :)

So, since I can't really do anything, I haven't been up to anything interesting.. unless you count Drs. appointments and work.. haha. However, because of this, i've had lots of time for my little "photo shoots" in my back yard!! wooo!!! ... yeah, i'm a dork and I accept that. :P ....BUTTTTTTT I feel like its less dorky this time as appose to the other times i've done this because I really have NOTHING BETTER TO DO!!!! haha. And, not gonna lie, I have fun taking pictures of myself because is FAR more challenging then taking pictures of anything else. Its easy to go around, see a shot of something that inspires you, and capture that feeling/ moment in just a few tires.. if not the first. However, when your trying to take your own picture, it takes a lot more time, set up, practice shots at different angles to see if your actually in the picture, lighting testing, exact timing from when you press the shutter release ( or in my case, the space bar on your computer.. haha), to when you set up in the position you want for the shot, and a lot more shots until it actually looks the way I intended it too. I also love styling outfits for the "shoots".. although usually the whole reason i'm doing one is because I like the outfit that i've picked out to wear that day.. haha. Because of all this, in the end I feel really accomplished when I can come out with some pictures that actually look good. ( please not that by look good i'm not referring to my looks, just the quality, lighting, and feeling i'm trying to portray in the picture. ) I'n a real photoshoot, I know that all that work and MORE is what goes into taking a great picture of someone else.. which is why I think I would LOVE to do fashion photography as I said in an earlier post.. but right now I don't have the tools to be able to set all of that up at my house and photograph people.. so for right now i'll stick with the challenge of photographing myself! haha.

After that wonderful day of positivity ( the last time I posted)... I ended up having quite a few negative gloomy days that followed. I realized that i'll most likely have to wear this boot for my birthday.. which means my initial plans of going to the NEDA walk in NYC and hanging out with my friends that weekend will most likely not happen....which means this will be the first year that I have to spend my birthday totally alone (yes my parents will be around.. but thats a story for a different day..) :( Then I realized I wouldn't be able to do this community service thing ( which was actually today) that I was looking forward to since I signed up... total disappointment. Then, finding out that I wasn't allowed to do ANY exercise, like, no pilates or anything, and being given a wheelchair to use by my Dr. realllyyyyyy put a damper on my mood. I don't have to use the wheelchair all the time.. just if I want to go out and do things that involve walking... like going shopping around my area or going to the mall, working at the front desk at my job, or going to the park... so basically I just wont do those things because I do NOT want to use it. haha. My mom really wants to take me for a "stroll" and wheel me around the park... OH MAN. WHAT A PARTY. Haha :P .... Idk, things have just been hard for me because I haven't been able to adjust my mind regarding this whole "sedentary thing"... I mean my body is all for it and supper pumped to have a break.. but my mind is like HELLLLLLLLLL NO, man!! Truthfully, I probably wouldn't have been allowed to do that little "photo shoot" because it was a lot of standing and such.. but I have to be able to have SOME sort of fun if im going to be confined to my house with no one to keep me company! I mean really.. there are only so many times you can watch Jersey shore re-runs and the food network channel before your brain starts screaming for a different activity!!! In a sense, I almost feel like not being able to do things is worse then being in treatment. <--- let me explain before heads roll, lol. I just mean, when I was in treatment, everything I liked to do (or most things) got taken away. I wasn't allowed to go to the gym, go for walks, go for runs, take pictures, go to the mall (unless on pass)... and overall just had a ton of down time when I wasn't in the appointments or groups. I always had a hard time with not being able to do active things while I was in treatment, but the part that made it better was being with people 24/7 and always having a friend around to talk to or hang out with. Now, I have all that taken away, BUT, I have no one to come over and hang out with me.. so i'm doing nothing, and am by myself. Having that solitude, I feel, has made ED decided that he'll keep me company so I wont be alone. Sweet, right?? >.< GRRRR. I need to get out of my head and keep my "eye on the prize" but i'm struggling to keep myself motivated and follow my meal plan. I know I mentioned that in my last post.. and it did get better for a couple days, but i'm having trouble keeping the momentum going... all this free time is just giving me a chance to pick apart my flaws and body image issues, and is giving me (ED) more reasons to not follow my meal plan. Staying busy physically was a way for me to keep my mind occupied on other things.. so I need to figure out a way that I can do that at home. Any suggestions???? I know read, draw, obvs, do photography or something.. but idk.. I mean I do love to do all of those things.. but it gets boring after a while!! haha I don't want to be a debbie downer.. I really should keep reminding myself that it isn't permanent, and enjoy this little break from exercise that I have. One positive thing that came out of this is that I did realize how important feet are!! haha As people keep saying, maybe this was a good thing that happened because now I have the chance to change my exercise habits and create healthy ones.. and while i'm scared that I wont be able to stop myself once I start.. I have plenty of time to mentally prepare for the fact that i'm going to HAVE to stop over exercising.

before I go, heres some less artsy, more fun photos expressing my "love" for my boot.... haha :P Let me just say, the stickers I put all over it LEGIT make me happier.. haha, idk why!!! Maybe because they are so darn cute?? Idk, but, i'm telling ya, stickers work as a great mood booster! :) hehe

Tomorrow, I have a brunch with some of the family members on my dad's side of the family, so thats something i'm looking forward to!! I get to see my half sister, with her husband and two children.. and I think my two other half siblings (brother and sister), with their wife/husband and children as well. Along with some other family members that I don't get to see often.. so i'm excited!!! I may even get to see some of them tonight.. we'll see. :)

I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves!!!!! ...and if not make sure you are asking for support and trying to get back on track!!!! :)
I also hope the balance of positivity and negativity worked out in this post so that it still managed to be semi motivational for people!!! haha :D
Have a great night everyone, and a great weekend!!!!
-A <3