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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm Back!!! Miss me?? :P


Back from Paris, after a very long almost 10 days!!... glad to say their will be no more 8 hour flights in the near future.. two of them in a little over a week.. yikes, SOOO long!!

Well, i've missed you all terribly, and can't wait to update you on things!!! Basically, i'll just say, everything went surprisingly well!.. I kinda just went with the flow and tried all sorts of foods that scare the shit out of me, and don't intend to ever have again anytime soon. lol. It was nice to challenge myself.. but at the same time, everything was a challenge.. everyday.. so really, I honestly kinda felt like I was back IP at Renfrew or something.. maybe thats why I was sooooooo happy to come home!!! haha, Idk, but I LOVED Paris, despite the food terrors... shopping was amazing.. haha. I think i'll save the sites and artsy pics for my next post, and just put up some picks of the things I purchased in Paris and London.. new goodies are so fun! WOO!

Alright, thats enough clothing pics today! more tomorrow! haha

Hope everyone had an amazing spring break, or even just a great week!!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!! and if your Jewish or anything else.. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!! haha :D

Have a great night everyone, talk to you all tomorrow!!!
-A <3


  1. yay!! I am glad youu are back, I missed you!! I knew you would have fun. All the food stuff is freaky non? I was the same with China. Yes, i enjoyed the time in China like you did in paris, but it was certainly a relief to come home!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself tho and I really CAN NOT WAIT to hear more details about the time! I want to go there so bad but I know 0 things about it so do share! :)Btw, the clothes looks amazing, I'm sure it looks even better on you! ;) xoxo

  2. Happy Easter and welcome back! Looks like you got some awesome stuff out there :-D

    Sarah x

  3. So glad you had a beautiful time and veryproud of you for trying different fear foods!!

    Your purchases look amazing - good on you for indulging!

    Love Jennifer xx