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Thursday, April 8, 2010

BOOK?? I need your feedback, so please respond to this post with your thoughts!! :D


really REALLY quick little post before i'm off to school! going to school late is still going.. (I totally would have been on time if my breakfast wasn't so huge that I legit couldn't move from being so full and fell back asleep for 4 hours! )... well actually, my breakfast wasn't huge, it was just something I would have for lunch ( 1/2 a pita veggie hummas wrap and a fig), and apparently couldn't deal with eating it for breakfast? Thanks body for that lovely curveball.

ANYWHO, on to the reason of this tiny, out of the ordinary post..

I've been thinking about doing this for a few years.. and haven't let myself even think about it because I wanted to be closer to recovery.. but.. I want to write a book. I know, everyoneeee says that they want to do this.. but not only do I feel like it will be therapeutic for me, but I really think I could help people with ED's by telling my story, and offering advice. I think I would incorporate some blog posts, and formspring questions (the ones that I feel are actually helpful for people inquiring on how to live ED free, or understand EDs better) along with some journal entries, poems, artwork, and my over all blabber that (hopefully) all my readers like :P haha. I finally feel like i'm in a spot where I can offer sound advice, and focus long enough to write my thoughts down on paper.. and this blog has definitely helped to get me to that spot. I also want to encourage people who are thinking about creating a book as well to go for it! Yes, we may all have EDs, but everyone is different, and everyone has a different story to tell.

I guess my question is.. would any of you read/ buy my book (HONESTLY) if I were to write one..??? You're feedback would be MUCH appreciated and really helpful. You can tell me what you think I should write about, not write about, why you think I SHOULD or SHOULDN'T write a book, really, I just want some feedback... be it positive or negative. If you're one of those people who reads my blog and never comments, take this opportunity to just write down a quicky sentence on what you think, any and all input would be amazing. Now, with all that said, I may write a book no matter what people think.. lol, but, again, I do want to take into consideration what my readers think!!

Alright everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this post, and if you can, please just drop me a brief comment on your thoughts on a book.. THANKS!!!!!

Enjoy your Thursdays everyone!!! tomorrow is FRIDAY (obvi) HOLLAAAAAA!!!

-A <3


  1. I think that would be great! I would read it :) There is a lack of books on the subject and I think an inside perspective is a great idea :)

    As for content, I think it is probably best to stay away from food, because that is all anyone seems to think about when they hear "eating disorder" but it is really about so much more...


  2. i would love to read it! :) I have also thought a few times about writing a book about my story and my struggles with anorexia, just I need to get to a point where it is all more in the past, right now it is too much in the present, and the future. But if you are in a place where you feel past the worst and able to write about it in a helpful and constructive way, do!!!! You could help people! Its all the more real and helpful to read if the author has experience! <3 you, and your pictures on FB of your trip are GORGEOUS! :)

  3. I agree with fastbikes16, most books about EDs center around the food intake.While I do think an insight about it should be included, I think it should focus more on the ideas and the mentality behind EDs.

    &Yes I would buy it.

    [By the way, you are a gorgeous little thing!]

    Take care hun!

  4. i think a book is a great idea. i love when i can read a book about eds and really relate. i also think it's important for you to get your story down. not just you, everyone with eds should. however, i can not even consistently keep a journal or blog lol so my story would just be for myself. but you have a real talent for writing and inspiring people so a book is a great way to share your life struggles and accomplishments because of your ed.

    i don't think you can stay away from food though.. as that is a BIG part of the disorder. i agree there is SO much more to it of course. but it wouldn't be a true experience if you left out any part of it. unless you are writing a book solely on recovery or how to recover?

    there are so many different angles you could take this! and if you do want to share your story, are you willing to write about any traumas in your life? i think people relate most when they can really feel like they are in your life, whether or not they can actually identify with you or not.

    i hope this made any sense :) <3