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Sunday, November 8, 2009

New beginnings... first post!

( This picture I took really symbolizes hope for me.. i'm not sure why.. its just really inspiring and makes me happy.. who knew a simple picture of a plant could do that?! haha )
Hey everyone!
I'm A, we'll no thats not my real name, but for the sake of this being my first post I decided to remain under an alias for now because i'm not sure that someone would actually want to read my blogs... and therefore I don't want people to know who I really am.. haha. So.. HEY I"M A!
I originally decided to create a blog so I would be able to offer support to a few of my other friends who have blogs. My one friend Becca told me she was hoping that blogging would help her recover from her ED, and several people I know have a blog for that reason as well (I believe).. so for their sake I hope it works!! Send them lots of love and support Bloggers! <3
Hmm... thinking... thinking... gosh I don't know what I want to divulge to you all!!...I have so much I want to say, but I don't know if I want the world to know anything! Blogging is such a weird concept for me.. its like a journal you're posting to the world..? scary. we'll anway, let me stop writing about how I don't want to write.. haha. What I will say is this...
I'm here to offer support to anyone who has an ED, is a self harmer, has family problems, or is just working on getting through life!!.. and anyone else who doesn't fit those requirements as well :)... I can just relate the most to those..
Alright bloggers.. i'm testing you out. This is my trial run.. if all goes well and I receive a relatively positive response.. i'll make future (more detailed) posts and get more involved with this whole process! Yay get hype!.. other wise I will remain on here to offer support to my lovely frew crew ladies <3
Stay strong, Stay positve and everyone out there.. HAVE A GREAT DAY!
xoxo <3


  1. A :)
    i loved waking up to see your beautfiul face on my follower list thingy :) i was like yay! and wow love that photo with the art piece in the background so cool amd so inspiring, and your stunning my dear...
    i also found it so odd the concept of blogging like a journal for everyone to see, exactly! kinda scary haha but i have had my blog for a year now, and it has helped me so much to get so much support and reading other girls blogs etc so helpful! and i've "met" and met for real, some amazing girls! you are so kind and so amazng for wanting to offer support to girls struggling, you are such a wonderful girl...and if YOU need any support, i am here too! :)

    love you

  2. hello miss little A ;)
    i love that you are going to give blogging a go! i know you love fashion and art and photography so share and post things like that it would be a good outlet for your creativity :)+ you could still remain an alias! when i first started my blog a year ago, i thought no one would read it and now i have 100 followers and 14,000 views ! i know, craziness? it is kinda scary "who is reading this!" i do get paranoid sometimes as i tend to write my life novel haha..but then girls e-mail me and say that i help them so much! its a great outlet and i am glad you started one up cutie!! :)

    love you
    p.s i am here for you always!

  3. i knew you'd do it! hahah :] <3 love you "A."