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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quicky post.. next post is PROM PICS!! :)

HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Its SUCH a beautiful day outside.. LOVE IT!!

Well, I have LOTS to talk about, but sadly, no time to write it all down.. so you'll just have to stay tuned and read my next post!! :) hehe i'm sly like that.

I'll start out with pics... FUN STUFF!

heres some ( a lot) of the pics from one of my outfit this week... Black blazer and chunky gold and while necklace from london, ripped capri JEANS!!!, black sandals, black tank top.

Well, there is something that I did, however, want to briefly talk about in this post. OPRAH. I joined a group on facebook protesting the new REALITY TV show that she is creating. If you haven't already heard, it is about eating disorders. At first I was like.. "oh, thats good, their really aren't any shows out their showing how hard it is to live with an eating disorder"... uh, NO, thats not how this show is going to be directed. Its going to be hosted in an eating disorder treatment center. People will be able to call in and vote on their favorite ED patient. umm.. WHAT????.... this is what I said on the facebook group. I'm going to leave a link so any of you can join to find out more information, or to help protest!

"I think this show has the potential to really shed light on eating disorders and the pain that people who suffer from them go through. I also think that if all the profits ( or most of them) go to helping people receive help and treatment, that would be an amazing benefit. With that said, I think they are going about this the ENTIRELY WRONG direction, and the outcome is glorifying and exploiting people with eating disorders.
I'm so saddened by the way this show is going to be conducted.. I mean voting on a favorite patient?? These are peoples lives were talking about, not some episode of the Jersey shore or real housewives!!  I agree that their is not enough information in the media about eating disorders, and would love to see a show based on the struggle, hardship, and people trying to OVERCOME eating disorders.. more of a documentary then a reality show.  I really wish someone would take into consideration how damaging it could potentially be to children watching these shows and getting ideas, or even people who are currently suffering with an eating disorder... not to mention the damage it could cause to the actual people ON THE SHOW.I really hope this gets worked out before the show is aired... PLEASE HELP FIGHT TO TURN THIS INTO A POSITIVE THING!!!"

so yes. thats what I said.. lol. heres a link so you all can join.. WOOOOO! haha


^------ link... you're gonna have to copy and paste it cause I FAIL at being able to make it clickable.


heres a few more photos... I must admit.. I went a LITTLE picture crazy.. 12 photos?? holy cow. my bad. haha

Before I add the rest, maybe I should talk about about my week??
Heres a quicky preview, and i'll elaborate more in my next post.

1. PROM was on saturday, that was fun. haha

2. I finally applied to.. DUN DUN DUN community college. womp. Not thrilled, but hey, ED screwed me over, so I gotta do this for now until I can prove myself worthy of the actual college experience.

3. I called a therapist!! haha. I've been told by numerous people that I need a therapist.. I KNOW I need a therapist.. but have been resistant to finding one. NOT ANYMORE. I called yesterday and left a message.. hopefully will talk to her soon.. WOO YAY THERAPY!

4. Totally caught up with my senior project and happy about that

5. Doing SOO WELL with NOT over exercising!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Working on relationships with some friends :P

7. TRYING TO PLAN MY SUMMER!!!... and find another job.. which brings me to # 8...

8. Needing a new job because I PRETTY MUCH got fired from the one I currently have... womp womp.

9. Potentially struggling with ED..?? NAH.. doing pretty well, just a few bumps in the road, but totally going to be fine!

10. Well.. hmm.. I guess 10 should be the last one.. I stopped seeing my N... hopefully that goes well!!

OK! SO, last pic and then i'm peacing out to go to work ( at the job that i'm fired from but still currently working at... it makes sense.. trust me. )

-A <3


  1. if ever a post had the potential to make me grin from cheek to cheek, this is the one. i can HEAR your happiness throughout the whole thing, i can hear my favorite roommate andrea whos been beaten over the head by ED way to many times. i love you so much and i'm so happy to hear you are doing well :]

  2. WHAT THE HECK OPRAH!!?!?!??!??!?!??!?

    haha that really is sick though. On to the real comment...

    I am so glad you are doing well right now, and I can't wait to hear more from you later!!


  3. Keep up the awesomeness, Andrea! You got this...