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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Long time no speak!

Hey girlies! I haven't blogged in a couple months.. but I have been journaling! haha. idk, still not use to the whole, posting my feelings online thing.. since I only just recent discovered how to decipher what they were! :P ( this is a pic of a flower with raindrops on the petals that I thought was really pretty.. I took the pic with my phone on my walk home from school)

Well, a breif synopsis of these past few months.. in novemeber.. around the time I actually started this blog.. hmm interesting.. well anyway, that is when I really decided to take recovery by the horns and work my hardest to get my life back!.. or at least create a life.. I don't really remember the life I once had.. but I was a child then, and now im 18! so old! haha :) ANYWAY, since then, I doubled my caloric intake (which is still not high at all.. I wont say the number.. partial because its embarrassing.. but I also don't wana be triggering), worked on my over exercising habits.. ( and trying to not schedule my life around the gym.. you should go to the gym when you have time, not go to the gym and try to fit other things in around it!!), and worked really diligently on the re-feeding process to get to a more reasonable weight that my Dr. could live with. I also tried to challenge a lot of fear foods!! Which I did try.. but.. idk.. I still don't ever want to eat them again. lol. idk, I mean one of my fear foods is a banana.. (don't ask me why.. i'm irrational so I don't really know the answer myself.. they just scare me. lo) but that is something that I do want to have more often, and I know they are healthy, and soooo not worthy of anxiety over, so i'm going to continue to work on that, among other foods that I once enjoyed.

Another reason I didn't blog was because of the holidays and winter break.. time off+ no structure+ lots of family time= one insane chick. (me) haha. Holidays are very stressful because i'm always fighting with my parents about something.. or being asked about college and other future plans by relatives that don't even know I have an ED because my parents wont let me tell any of them :/ ... oh well.. hopefully someday soon I wont even have anything to tell!! :D

Hope everyone is doing well and staying positive! I'm sure holidays are hard for most people, but just remember how many normal days the year holds..and holidays are only a small portion of those, so keep your head up and keep moving forward! Remember girlies, chose life, and happiness over ED, even when you feel like hes all you have.. because really, with out life, you have nothing but with out ED you have LIFE! ( above is a picture of a little bee on a flower with rain drops.. its hard to tell its a Bee cause I took the pic with my phone, same time I took the other picture.. haha, but still, a lovely example of the beauty life holds! ) Have a wonderful day ladies :)

OH--> also, i'm sure everyone already checks out her blogs, but this is Maggie's give away link! you'll have to copy and past it in to get to her page because it wasn't letting me make it a clicky link thingy.. haha anyway, take a peak! :).. under this. BUTTTT thats not all, Shelly is having a give away as well, and her link is the one under the first.



- A <3


  1. Congrads girlie!! You won the giveaway!


  2. I know i just thanked you on your blog and the email I sent you.. but THANK YOU!!! SOrry it took me so long to get back to you, I haven't been on in a little while. Hope you have a great week!
    -A <3