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Monday, September 6, 2010

HELLO UPDATE!!!!!!! Don't stop following me yet, i'm still here!! :P

Hello boys and girls!!!!!

FIRSTLY ----> HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Sorry its been so long since i've updated... lots Lots LOTS of stuff has been going on and I lost my lust for updating! :x

However, a fresh burst of positivity is gracing my presence today, so a new blog update it is!!

Here is a wee, preview of one of the things going on in my life....

.... this, my friends, is the newest uninvited addition to my life. Not quite sure what you're looking at? This little beauty is a walking cast.. ie. a Boot.. and a decked out version at that. ( it really needed some stickers and color to add a little girlie, happy, fun, flare.) Its currently being bounced back and forth between both of my feet because I fractured them both... "womp womp wompppp"
"How does one fracture both of their feet?" ....you may ask? By partaking in none other then the lovely Over exercising addiction. Let this be a lesson for you kids, although you may not think it is possible that too much exercise can break your feet.. apparently it is INDEED possible!!! So, let me paint you a picture of my life the past week or so..
* picture me---> sitting at home, watching TV, going on my computer, eating, going to Dr. appointments, and going to work... * My life ladies and gentlemen.. my life. Granted, my life truly wasn't much more exciting then that to begin with.. but at least I could take kickboxing, go on runs/ walks outside, dance, do various exercises at the gym.. ect. I did get to partake in a couple pilates classes.. so that was nice... but didn't satisfy my exercise appetite ONE BIT.

Another life preview? OK!!!...

I went to visit one of my best friends A in Long Island a couple weeks ago.. yay!!!! Loved seeing her!!! We met in treatment a couple years ago at my first stay, and then both went back my second stay.. so she was in treatment with me both times incidentally.. which I think gave us a stronger bond. I talk to her on the phone all the time, and she is one of my biggest supporters, so I was SOO excited to finally go visit her!

Last preview for now...

.... well i'm sure you think this is a few "looks" pics.. ( which this outfit will be eventually, but thats not what these ones are meant for because i'm not going to be talking about the outfit right now.. haha)... these are pics of my new hair cut!! (yet not so new because it was weeks ago.. haha.) I know, I know, you prob can't tell because my hair is still pretty long.. but it was 3 inches longer and all the layers and angles had grown out, so I had to spruce it up a tad :)

Basically, things have been a bit ruff recently because of the whole "boot" thing... A couple weeks before I got it, I was doing GREAT!!! Like, totally rocking out my meal plan, challenging myself, going over my needed cals, cutting down on exercise, pretty much exuding positivity out of my a**... and then splat. There is a mental difference between not exercising because you are trying to get better, and not exercising because you physically can't... which is your own fault. The second one is much more frustrating and anger producing, lemme tell ya!! >.< Its also a bit frightening.. my ED has really been freaking out and saying the meanest things possible to make me feel guilty for not exercising and still eating my meal plan. Hence why I haven't been meeting my meal plan... :X I know that just because i'm not able to exercise doesn't mean I shouldn't eat the same amount of calories I was consuming when I WAS able to exercise... but ED doesn't know that.


Just because you are not as active, doesn't mean your body doesn't still need food. People need calories just to LIVE, not just to EXERCISE. This is the perfect opportunity to really work on yourself with out distractions! Work on the mental ED issues, work on perfecting your meal plan, and work on figuring out a healthy exercise routine once exercise is a possibility! I'm not just saying this to myself, i'm saying it to all of you. Whether you are in a position where you are unable to exercise, or are simply struggling with an over exercising problem, MAKE yourself take off a week of exercise. Let yourself feel all the anxiety and emotions that not exercising brings up, and then DEAL WITH THEM. Its not a permanent thing, you will exercise again, you wont gain a bunch of weight or get fat because you stopped for a week, but you WILL gain some insight about yourself.

Truthfully, I have been a real Debbie Downer the past couple weeks.. feeling lonely, anxious, angry at my self and my body, and just flat out miserable.. but for some reason I woke up today feeling hopeful and positive, so it ended up being a great day for a post!

Hope everyone is doing well, and i'll elaborate more in depth on the little "previews" I just gave in my next post.

Thanks for being patient will me and not deleting me from the blogs you follow!!! haha :D

Have a great night everyone, and a great week!!!!!

-A <3


  1. love you so much sweetie :] hope your wittle feeties feel better!! i'm so glad you are trying to stay positive and stay well despite your "predicament" :]

  2. keep up the hard work!!! stay healthy!


  3. sorry about the feet...:( Thats not fun! I've never had a broken bone but it certainly doesnt sound too appealing...But God created us to HEAL so you will do just that, especially if you give your body the nourishment it needs to heal! HEALING takes ENERGY which comes from FOOD!!! :D SO enjoy the food you eat as you get better and keep looking at positives like you did in this post!
    Get better soon love!

  4. I am LOVING the positivity in this post! So much! It's inspiring for one, and for two, I'm happy to see that you're feeling positive. Sometimes I worry for you!

    I'm really sorry about your feet. That sucks big time, and I can see how frustrating it can be that you PHYSICALLY cannot exercise. Remember that your body is a temple. Use this as a lesson not to hurt it any further.

    I love your clothes/fashions. Gosh you are so pretty and just cute as a button. And your hair...omg...so amazing.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE and so happy about the positivity!!!!


  5. Sorry to hear about your foot, nice to see you blogging again. Eating and exercising, or not exercising, is a big hurdle in recovery, life IS easier when this hurdle is jumped over. But, a sick or injured animal, you would feed that if it wasnt well wouldnt you, well you deserve the same attention.


  6. I am SO sorry to hear about your foot :( I too struggled with not exercising and excusing not meeting my MP because of it. But the truth is, your body needs every single one of the calories you give it, whether you are working out or not :)

    Stay strong, I know you can do this :)

    Praying for you,

  7. Sorry to hear about your feet! But you're doing a wonderful thing for your body by resting and giving it some time to heal. Remember how important it is to keep eating even if you aren't exercising - even people at healthy weights still need to eat plenty when they aren't active, so its especially important for ED sufferers. Stay strong Andrea <3

    x Hannah x